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  PL-P and PLH-P Series Power Supplies - File Downloads

User Manuals

For the latest version of the product user manual, please go to our support site from which all manuals can be downloaded in PDF format.

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Instrument Device Drivers (right click to save)


These are ZIP files containing driver files which provides compatibility with third party Windows software applications such as LabView*, LabWindows* and Agilent VEE**.

IVI Driver

This small ZIP file excludes the IVI Compliance and VISA engine files which users should already have or can download using the instruction in the readme file.

LV/CVI Driver

This is a complete installation package for the CVI and LabVIEW instrument drivers and test application. It contains all required IVI and VISA run time files which will be installed if required. The supplied LabVIEW driver is compatible with versions 8.5 and later..


USB Driver (right click to save)


USB Driver

Note that the USB driver is suited for all of the following products in addition to the PL-P:

PLH-P, QPX1200SP, QPX600DP, QL Series II, CPX400SP/DP, TG5011 ,TGR6000,  PSAxx02.

This ZIP file includes the .inf File which calls the appropriate Virtual Com Port USB driver within Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 and Windows 8 (including 64 bit versions).

N.B. earlier versions of this driver may not operate correctly with Windows 8.


Other Support Files (ZIP files, right click to save)


LXI Discovery Tool

The tool will display a list of devices that conform to the VXI-11 discovery protocol.

TCP Example Program

This contains a project in Visual Basic for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 that demonstrates simple LAN communications.


Firmware Updates   


Firmware Updates

Updates to the digital bus interface firmware may be available. Go here to check the current firmware version and to download updates (if any).


* LabView and LabWindows are trademarks of National Instruments.
 ** Agilent VEE is a trademark of Agilent Technologies


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