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Finding solutions to the problems of harmonic currents compliance to EN61000-3-2 and of flicker measurement to EN61000-3-3.
From January 2001 all electrical equipment sold within the EEC must to comply with legislation relating to the harmonics content of the current waveform.  This legislation is described in the European standard EN61000-3-2.
Certain categories of equipment which can present a large and variable load must also comply with a further standard EN61000-3-3  which relates to the measurement of voltage fluctuations or flicker.

Compliance with these standards is mandatory.

Measurements must be made on all relevant categories of equipment before it can be CE marked.
These measurements would normally be made by a Test House.  The cost of compliance testing can be considerable, particularly where several products are to be tested or where design changes are needed to ensure compliance.

TTi can offer a low cost solution for self-certified compliance quality measurement to both EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3.  The HA1600 Harmonics and Flicker Analyser.

The HA1600 is a fast, easy to use mains and harmonics analyser and flickermeter with a large and high resolution graphical display, capable of continuous real-time analysis.
It can be used as a general purpose mains analyser or as a dedicated harmonics and flicker analyser for compliance quality measurements.

Technical details of the HA1600 are available Here .

The full operating manual of the HA1600 can be downloaded as a PDF file (484kB) Here .